the forbidden apple

About 5 years ago I would be the last person who would purchase or use a Apple Macintosh. As a child of OS/2 and Win 3.1 and Windows 95… I was stuck in my ways… this was what I thought of an Apple Macintosh…

The Apple Macintosh of the early 1990’s, a system with a single mouse button and sub par applications. Combined with being a child of an IBM employee, a PC was easier to find in my household than a Mac. Even with the purchase of my first Apple product, a 5th Generation Ipod Classic, I was still anti-mac, often dismissing the product set as overpriced, also with the amount of integration between iPod and Windows (through iTunes), I still didn’t know what I was missing…

All this combined with the worst OS to hit the market (Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition) and the awaking I thought I had with Windows XP, I didn’t think it could get any better than this….

But times have changed, since we live in a world with the cloud!

The requirements for your actual device are less restrictive. I don’t need to have a Windows Based machine to use Google Docs and now with Google Drive it is as if the My Documents folder is in the cloud

I have received my first Macintosh (Mac Book Pro 2011) from Work in April 2012, and I must say, I am impressed. I will admit it took a few days to get used to the Touch pad (one of the only times i found myself actually reading the manual). I will also say the Command Key placement makes me trip when I switch between my Windows 7 Desktop and Mac Book Pro. But all in all I am impressed with the simplicity of the OS X (10.7.4) and even with a 13″ screen find myself being more efficient that my two 20″ Windows desktop. Many of the tools that I often had to find 3rd Party Apps (Screenshot & Video Capture to name a few) are built into the Operating System. And with BootCamp if there still application that does not have a Mac OS X version, a quick reboot to Windows 7 fixes that problem.

Next on my list to buy, my first iPad (actually I should say my wife’s first IPad). I can say I probably won’t buy a PC again.


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