On April 16th, my wife and I celebrated our One year anniversary in the same city where I asked her to become my wife…

We stayed at the Grand Bohemian Hotel right across the street from the Biltmore House and on our anniversary we visited the house to explore the gardens… was hoping for more living flowers, but half wilted flowers will just have to do. Still amazing to see a house of that size.

On the first day there, we went on a tour of Asheville with LaZoom Comedy Tours. And I must say, it was fun… might have to go back up and do the Haunted Comedy Tour…

We also enjoyed some amazing food. We had some of the best tapas at Curate and some excellent BBQ at 12 Bones. On our anniversary we ate at the most amazing Mediterranean restaurant Rezaz, if you are visiting Asheville, this is a must visit!

And we drove by the Highland Brewery…

What a great long weekend with my wife, it was great to see other parts of Asheville!

As usual, enjoy the pictures…
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