Its been 10 years…

Its been over 10 years since June 6, 2001, the last of my HS days at Providence Senior High School (also my 18th birthday). How times flies… As I sit with a beer to my side and quickly approaching 30 years old, its good to reminiscence on the past because that is what makes you the person you are today. I have seen a lot of things, both good and bad, grown as a man (or at least I hope so) and have lived with no regrets.

Here are some (of what i call) accomplishments

  1. May 2002 – Survived Freshman year of Engineering at NCSU with no arrest and nothing less than a B
  2. May 2002 – Became Resident Assitant at University Towers, that means free room and board
  3. June 2004 – Turned 21, don’t remember much of that night except this picture
  4. August 2004 – Bought a 2004 Yamaha YZF-R6
  5. May 2005 – Survived 4 years of NCSU Computer Science Program.
  6. July 2005 – Back in Charlotte to start my first day at Nortel
  7. Feb 2006 – Moved in with DLP, B.J. and JMo to what we call the CREEK! (A house of 4 guys, 1 pool table and a kegerator)
  8. Sometime in 2006 – Started Clubhead Solutions (a freelance web development company) with fellow Creek Members
  9. Feb 2008 – Close down of the Creek (gotta say two of the craziest years of my life)
  10. March 21, 2008 – Meet my wife to be…
  11. April 2008 – Bought a townhome
  12. Sometime in 2008 – Closed down shop with Clubhead Solutions
  13. October 2008 – added Rockwell Fisher Hurtt to our new family
  14. Most of 2009 – Surived the collapse of Nortel with a job, and made it over to Avaya
  15. November 2009 – Bought my first car (after much research, i decided on a 2009 Honda Pilot, gave Rockwell enough room on our trips to DC to see the in-laws)
  16. December 20, 2009 – Got Engaged to the love of my life, Kelley Nicole Fisher
  17. April 16, 2011 – Got Married
  18. April 2011 – Had the most amazing honeymoon as we traveled the Mediterranean with my wife
  19. Dec 2011 – My wife and I closed on our first house together

I gotta the last 10 years has been a blast, but i can’t wait for the years to come! What to look forward to in the coming years..

loving life with my wife.

that’s priority #1.

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