The night we will never forget…

Our Trip to Asheville, NC
Trip – December 18th-21st, 2009
Proposal – Sunday, December 20, 2009

From the words of my beautiful wife

Well we kind of planned a last minute trip to visit the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC (America’s Largest Home, built by George Vanderbilt in 1913). This was the weekend of the “Blizzard of 2009”, even though we did not get a flake of snow in Charlotte while traveling West it was quite a different story. Luckily we left Saturday and the roads were clear but there was a good foot of snow on the ground when we arrived to the Biltmore. It was absolutely beautiful, it continued to flurry all weekend long.

Sunday evening we had tickets to tour the Biltmore home for their Candlelight Christmas Tour, the house is decked out in all kinds of holiday trim, along with a lovely choir and dancers to get you in the Christmas spirit. I was very persistent to get our picture taken in the foyer area as soon as you walk in where they had a photographer set up because we had yet to have a picture taken of the two of us all weekend. But Jon insisted that we started our tour (ugh!), so we began the tour by walking into one of the banquet rooms on the first floor where they had a GIANT live tree decorated with hanging presents, along with a long dining table, and three huge fireplaces that took up an entire wall.

As we walked through the room, I noticed a Biltmore employee is standing behind the velvet ropes with a camera around her neck and she approaches us and asks if we would like to come behind the ropes to take a picture in front of the tree (I’m thinking YES, finally our picture!) She explains that she asks a few couples each evening during the candlelight tour. We are brought behind the ropes, take off our a coats and are told to stand in front of the fireplaces to begin the picture taking. She starts taking all sorts of pictures and then asks if we have a “funny pose”, I kind of shake my head at Jon and then turn to the photographer and tell her “I’m sorry we just don’t have any kind of funny pose” by the time I turn back to look at Jon he is already on one knee with the ring out and simply says “Kelley Fisher, will you marry me?” I burst into tears and mumble “YES!” I was in pure shock! Luckily Stephanie the photographer was snapping away during all of this, so we have pictures that capture the actual moment! … If you’re wondering, Jon of course set up all of this a week before our trip 🙂

Note From Groom: It is true I planned this the week before our trip, but I was planning this day for about six months, from looking at rings to thinking about how to drop down to one knee. Also due to the winter weather, there was a chance that the plans would fall through, but everything went as planned and couldn’t of been any more perfect.


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